No pardon for choreographer Geeta Kapoor in Versova accident

Geeta Kapoor falls under the prosecution for rash and careless driving and knocking down a pedestrian in March 2015 following Salman Khan. She is still under the strict eye of court. Kapoor approached the Bombay High Court on Monday and claimed that she had made a financial settlement with the injured victim Nisar Noor Mohammed

Farah and Zoya speak their minds out

Women are being given great importance in the 21st century in movies as well as documentaries. The fight for womanhood is happening in Bollywood and definitely leading way for all the other countries. The very recent hot topic that is being discussed In Hollywood is about discrimination in wage between actor and actresses. Brother and

Land grab charge against the Pawars

Congress party chief Sharad Pawar and his nephew as well as former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar is under the eyes of strict vigilance for a number of illegal activities which includes transfer of 73 acres of government land to their own education trust by infringing all laws and causing great deal of financial loss

Mahendra Singh Dhoni in new form

It was a long time since we have heard Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni speaking in Press Conferences- and when they did we stood awed. Both the Indian cricket players address the public in a way where people are glued. Virat Kohli gave a long speech- a speech that was imagined to be given by

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’: Raman and Ishita to carry on with their marriage

So it’s good news for all fans of Karan and Divyanka. The romantic drama Yeh Hai Mohhabatein would be taking a leap to the next phase where Ishita (Divyanka) and Raman (Karan) would be taking their relationship to the next phase. The couple would be starting their married life after a good conjugal relation once

Narendra Modi accepts to be the face of BJP in Bihar Polls

Narendra Modi has been doing very well after he has been elected as the Prime Minister.Bharatiya Janata Dal would be fighting the upcoming elections in Bihar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be the face of the Bihar Polls as per Anant Kumar, the Union minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers which was announced on Tuesday.

Yet another episode of Jaguar air crash near Allahabad, Pilot safe

This is yet another incident of the jaguar aircraft that crashed near Allahabad while training. There are many incidents where jaguar has crashed during training and pilots have succumbed to injuries. However, it was good luck for this pilot. The Jaguar aircraft crashed 13 kms from Allahabad. The fighter aircraft which was being steered by

Bhajji goes past Akram to become ninth highest wicket-taker in Tests

Harbhajan Singh is one of the most well known off spinners in Indian cricket team who has been doing very well in Indian cricket test series. Senior off spinner Harbhajan Singh has broken Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram’s record and has now climbed to be in the ninth position in the all time high wicket takers

Irrfan Khan to star in ‘True Detective’

Irrfan Kahn has made his mark in Hollywood as well as Bollywood. He had stared in some of the best Hindi movies like Life in a Metro, Piku and many more while he has been known as one of the best actors in Hollywood as well. Life of Pie, Spiderman and Jurassic park are some

Tyson Gay wins 100 meters in field

Tyson Gay was suspended for one whole year for doping. No one thought that he would be able to perform as well as before after the one year suspension. After the suspension period, Tyson was again back in the fields. The 100 meters race at the Adidas Grand Prix at a time of 10.12 seconds